schizophrenic, law breaking, based, mentalcel, capitalist, liberal, abhorrently retarded girl. - God, probably

hi, my name is jackson and i'm seventeen years old. i have a strong love for computers, psychology, global economics and various illict drugs. i am a student at a tiny high school and it is one of the most brutal things anyone could go through.

my other interests include typology, pretending i know about judaism, video production and design, lesbianism as a religion, and technical theater. i have a job as the lighting designer at my school's theatre, which i think is pretty cool.

i also have my one true love for the old and raw internet, they just don't make javascript that can replicate the same feeling anymore. because of this, i've scowered the internet for my collection of sites with design and functionality i truly believe deserves mainstream appreciation as an art form.

...anyways. more information about me: i use she/her pronouns, i'm an sagittarius, and i'm an ESFJ. i am always up for chatting. please hmu!

made with visual studio code & github pages with chrome on a 2021 mac air. this is my school computer. PC stats TBA >_<

where the lost one weeps