october 25, 2021
I’ve found that women’s fashion is ridiculously expensive, however, the dresses are so nice. I love being able to sit next to my femme friends and comparing dresses that barely cover our asses to wear to a school dance afterparty.

I am running broke, constantly, because of my infatuation with clothes. I pour money into clothes, makeup, and other feminine products that a butch guy would not even think of wearing. I feel as though being femme is only available when you have money.

When I’m at home, I wear a t-shirt and sweatpants with no makeup and my hair in a scrunchie. My breasts and ass are both small, so I could pass as masculine, however, I hate it. If I were to go outside, I would have to wear some makeup or change my outfit entirely (which I often do) to feel confident in the gaze of other people.

Femme is a show that I put on, but without the show, I feel naked and unlike my true self. I fear that a lack of income will result in isolation as I am not able to show who I am to the world.

toujours à toi